The beggining of a Blog.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and finally, decided to do so.┬áBut before continuing with this post, I should introduce myself. It would be rude to not do so.

My name is Mykhaylo Ovchynnykov. I’m an Ukranian who lives in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (more commonly known as Capital Federal), Argentina. I’m 22 years old, currently studying Chemical Engineering at the National Unversity of Technology.

Now, to the blog itself. I’ve always wanted to write what I have in my mind, and this is what this blog will be about. Not only that, I want to learn how to draw, and will use this blog as a way to not only show my “evolution”, but also obtain valuable feedback from the readers. And who knows, maybe with time the blog will transform into something else. But that’s something only time will clear, for now, I’ll try my best to continue this blog until the end.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope we meet again.